Wunderlist: Using a Kanban System

Choosing your categories

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Pause (stopping to work on the project)
  • Wait (project is triggered by an external event)
  • Done
  • Idea
  • Draft
  • Final Draft
  • Review
  • Ready
  • Published

Kanban Boards

Boost your Productivity

  • Lower project stress: When you set up the Kanban system, you may see that you have 10 projects in the “Do” category. That is to much, and probably the source you feel overwhelmed. Put them in “Pause”, and work for the next days only on one or two projects.
  • Better prioritization: You limit the amount of projects in the “Do” category, and selectively work on them until you are finished. Then, and only then, begin a new project.
  • Avoid procrastination: Do you stop projects without any specific reason? In a Kanban system, you see these paused projects. Ask yourself why you stopped it. It it is not worthwhile anymore, delete it. And the next time you want to pause a project, you need to make a consciousness choice before putting it into this category.




IT Project Manager & Developer

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IT Project Manager & Developer

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