Quick Hacks to Overcome Procrastination

From time to time you may face a long to-do list. Assuming that the items on this list are important: How do you start to work on them when you cannot find the motivation? Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Use Timers

  • Time Estimation: Set a time estimation for the next action, set the timer and start working until you run out of time.

Get into the Flow

  • Switch between fun tasks and “oh-no” tasks. Start with an easy task that you like to do. For me, that’s tasks tagged with #reflect or #plan. Then, do a task you absolutely do not want to do. Finish it. And do another fun task.

Clean Up

  • Refine actions: Break down the task into several smaller ones, start working and keep doing.


There are several reasons why you can not find the motivation to work on a specific task. Try these techniques and think about them. When you spot the reason, work on it — and become more productive.

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IT Project Manager & Developer

IT Project Manager & Developer