Productivity: Hybrid Paper/App System


In my app, I keep the context lists, project list, waiting list and calendar. On paper, I make a daily written task list, and add all new information and notes during the day. The someday/maybe lists, and general reference, stay on my computer.


I use Wunderlist to structure my context and project lists.


I use a plain notebook to write down my daily to-do list and notes. To visualize what kind of information I add, I use boxes ◻︎ for today lists, exclamation marks ! for important information, and triangle symbols ◁ when I wait for someone to call me back. During meetings, I create separate entries in the journal, grouping all the information in one place.


I use Scrivener to structure all my personal and private notes, plain text documents for my someday and maybe lists, and mindmaps to represent my long-term and short-term goals.


My day to day work is structured with the following three processes:

Why is this system effective for me?

At the heart of my system lies writing. Writing engages you more thoroughly than anything else. Writing is a technique to reflect your thoughts. You put structure and coherence to your thoughts. You are outlining ideas into paragraphs. You are drilling down to details. When you write, you will enhance remembering it throughout the day.


The hybrid paper/app system is my recommendation of a personal productivity system. You get the benefit of easy restructuring projects, tasks and notes, as well as better remembering what you are committing to do. You work out your ideas with the medium you like most. The longer you work with it, the more structured you become, creating a truly trusted system in which every information has a clearly defined place.



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