Productivity: Getting Back to Paper

It did not happen overnight. But eventually I woke up and was using plain paper to organize my to-dos. Again. Paper was a medium those 10 years ago when I was introduced to GTD. After using it for 3 weeks now, I’m convinced that paper plays a critical role in your productivity system.

This article explains the major aspects of this transition. I will explain the main issues and start to explain how you can use paper again.


And so I started to define the daily to-do list on paper again.

Slow Migration

But there was something else. Small pain points that I was becoming more aware of. Most crucial was this. At some point, I needed to work on 4–6 projects every day. After a long day, it was very hard to remember what I was doing — although I used a to-do list all the day! Furthermore, I felt like spending too much time on organizing and ordering the lists, getting sure that each to-do is in the correct project.

I changed my workflow just a bit: A daily to-do list. All upcoming tasks, and the contexts and projects, stayed with Wunderlist. After two days I felt more productive and could remember what I was doing, even after very long days. Writing is very helpful to remember stuff.


And so I got back. To paper.


IT Project Manager & Developer

IT Project Manager & Developer