Paper or Apps — which is the best medium for productivity?

Using paper

Paper is a durable medium. Research has shown that the things you commit to paper are more rememberable for your brain than other sources of information. The fact of writing engages you thoroughly with your content and lets you see your thoughts.

Using Apps

Apps are a pervasive medium. Either a native app on your smartphone, a web interface, or a program on your computer — you access your data from wherever you are. This constant access can improve your exposure to and repetition of the information that you are consuming.

Collaboration and Sharing Information

Collaboration is a key issue when your projects involve several people. Let’s consider how they are used initially to create and how to share information.

What works best?

The answer to this question start with thinking about your private and your public productivity system. Your private system includes relevant professional goals, projects and tasks, as well as all your private ones. The public productivity system contains everything that you want to share and need to collaborate on.


Paper and app based productivity systems are different. Paper engages people more, is accessible, but needs lots of structuring and is not good with sharing. Apps are versatile, provide a fixed structure, and can share information easily. Use paper as a private system and to create and brainstorm at collaboration, and use an app for a public system to effectively share and evolve information.



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