How to align goals, projects and tasks

Mission, Roles, Goals, Projects, Tasks

Internalizing Goals

  • Attractiveness: Find a visual representation of your goals that you really like to with. Use icons and a language that empowers you in achieving your goals, like very specific icons.
  • Availability: Find a place you see several times a day to be reminded of your goals. This can be a notebook you daily check, an app you daily use, post-it’s on your desk.
  • Integration: Make it painlessly simple to link your goals to your system of creating projects and tasks. When you work on paper, write the goal that you are addressing with a set of tasks at the top. When you work with an app, add a hashtag or icon for your goal to the list.

Create & keep Alignment

  • Every morning, after brushing my teeth and get dressed, I review my goal notebook
  • After lunch time, I take 15 minutes to journal what I contributed to my goals today
  • At my weekly review, I identify one concrete next project that helps me to progress towards my goals





IT Project Manager & Developer

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IT Project Manager & Developer

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