Jul 13, 2016

3 min read

Getting Things Done with Wunderlist: Quick Tips

I have been using Wunderlist as my main to-do app for two months. Here is a collection of tips that can help you to personalize how to use Wunderlist.

1. Use Emojis

Emojis help you to define visual meaning to your folders, lists and next actions. Just some ideas: Do you read books 📗 or newspapers 📰? Need to take some notes 🖍 or prepare a letter/email ✉️? Need to file stuff🗄? Plan road trips 🚗? Want to go swimming 🏊? Be creative and define your visual language.

A wonderful Wunderlist feature is that the default list symbol is replaced with the emoji.

2. Project Infos in Project Title

You can add additional project information to the list name. For example, you want to see the deadline for finishing your trip to Tokyo, and you feel like having done 50% of the to-do. Use texts and/or emojis as you like.

3. Quick Reminder

Quickly enter notes and use the natural language processing for parsing dates. Don’t want to forget to shop tomatoes today? Enter “buy tomatoes today 6pm” and you are done. No need to put explicit reminders on your calendar anymore.

4. Habit Reminder

I like to put one stared item at the very top of all my lists, something I want to think more about, or a habit reminder.

5. E-Mail Tasks

From the default E-Mail address you used to register for Wunderlist, send an e-mail to You will see a task in your inbox with the mails subjects as the task name and the mails body as a note. Great to put complex information right to your inbox.

6. Export Tasks as Calendar

Wunderlist has a feature to create a calendar with all tasks that have a due date. If you use milestones with emojis, you can quickly get an overview about what you should be working towards.

Wunderlist also offers an integration plugin for Outlook where tasks show up on both systems.

7. Upload a File on the Fly

From your OS, choose the “Add to Wunderlist” menu entry and upload a text etc. to your wunderlist. Work on it on the go. No need for an extra synchronization tool like Dropbox.

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