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  • Mahesh Murthy

    Mahesh Murthy

    Building www.boringcrypto.xyz - a community owned forum for non price crypto discussions.

  • Andy Zaidman

    Andy Zaidman

    Associate professor @tudelft. All about software engineering @serg_delft. Software tester. Software evolutionist. Researcher. Teacher. Storyteller.

  • Slav Ivanov

    Slav Ivanov

    Entrepreneur / Hacker

  • jorgevallejos


  • Alexey Migutsky

    Alexey Migutsky

    Productivity freak. Hacking life. Building software. Helping programmers become better. INTJ personality type: http://bit.ly/1dbQO2I

  • Toon Verwaest

    Toon Verwaest

    V8 dev

  • Mike Schiemer

    Mike Schiemer

    Frugal Entrepreneur. Digital Marketer | Author The $10 Digital Media Startup www.Goo.gl/9sLsXv |Consultant| Bootstrap Business: https://www.MyFrugalBusiness.com

  • Joakim Manding Holm

    Joakim Manding Holm

    Developer of social systems that create software. Lean/Agile guy. Agile Sweden list admin. Co-founder of Adaptiv. Blogger and occasional speaker. Father of two.

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