Building a Custom PC in 2021

Hardware Components


  • Plan position of CPU fans
  • Plan position of mainboard and graphics card (PCIe Slot)
  • Pry graphics card slot
  • Install fans
  • Insert M2 NVME SSD
  • Insert RAM
  • Install CPU (and cooler since its pre-installed)
  • Insert bolts, attach mainboard, fix with nuts
  • Connect CPU fan to mainboard pins
  • Connect chassis fan to mainboard pins
  • Connect front panel wires to mainboard pins (power button, HDD led, audio)
  • Move PSU into chassis
  • Connect required power cables to PSU (24pin main, 8pin CPU, 6+2pin GPU)
  • Insert bolts, attach PSU, fix with nuts
  • Connect main power and CPU power cable
  • Insert into PCIe slot
  • Insert bolts back panel, tighten with nuts
  • Connect GPU power cable

First Boot

Install Windows 10

Post-Assembly Steps

  • Cable management: The bulky power cables can be hidden between the mainboard interior hook and the outer wall where also additional SSD drives would be installed.
  • Fan position and cables: Seeing the concrete position of the graphics card and mainboard, I slight re-arranged the fans and also turned them clockwise so that their wires would lead naturally to the nearest mainboard pins
  • Motherboard back panel slot: I forgot to insert the mainboard back panel slot! This required unfortunately to loosen the mother board nuts to get enough room, and then add the slot.





IT Project Manager & Developer

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IT Project Manager & Developer

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